Why do I give my photos for Free?

It has been a while since I started contributing to the community of Unsplash. It’s a platform where photographers get to upload their high quality stock photos for people to use for free. I started with a photo and I’ve continued to add some more over the years, why? I’ve asked myself, and I guess the only answer was: why not?

A debate

I have never done stock photography or thought about selling my photographs on the platforms. However, It has been a very controversial topic for a lot of professionals. Whether one should provide more for the free platforms, and damage the industry for those who do sell their photos online for profit. These platforms were described to be exploiting photographers for more exposure, that it’s a 100% loss for photographers.

The way I see it

However, I have been uploading the photos that sit idle on my hard drive, for no one to see or use. The type of work that I provide for my clients doesn’t require the usage of these assets. The photos you took on a trip, or the daily shots you casually shoot, better published than buried on a hard drive.

Second of all, the stock photography markets have complicated rules, it can be a hassle for one to upload and start making a profit. So most people choose not to do it, you can’t upload the casual photos you take, it’s work and labor.

Lastly, I do not believe that the millions of views you get on websites like Unsplash can benefit you with exposure, most of the websites/people who use your photos will download it, probably link it back to your profile, but it’s not really exposure, the numbers and the millions of views and downloads do not tickle me at all. So why contribute? again, why not? It’s only a few photos that have been sitting on the desk for a while. I do not intend to exploit the platform, but I do understand the struggle of wanting to use free assets on the internet, without it being cheap and totally useless, or simply a bait for something else. I’d like to contribute for the world and hopefully be able to provide something of quality for free.

Where can you get my free photos?

It’s still an ongoing debate. I do not have a strict philosophy towards it. If you’re interested in using some of my photos for free, you can check them here on Unsplash, and if you’d like to support me on this adventure, you can PayPal me as well so we can create something beautiful for the world together! Thank you.

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