The Numinous | الخشوعي (BOOK)

hello friends,
A while ago, I returned from an awe-inspiring trip to Italy. I went with my friends and we toured from north to south. I have been wanting to share this experience for a while now, even in the digital age -or in spite of it- books continue to captivate us! so I’ve decided to share it in a form of a book. It is going to be printed sometime in the future, but as for now, I am making it available online too, it is free, and shareable. Unfortunately, I have made the decision to publish it all in Arabic only, but photos are universal. Enjoy!

The Numinous | الخشوعي

download | للتحميل | pdf

As humans we need live venues in our present that keeps us in contact with regions beyond time and space, venues that open doors into sacred times, a meditative ritual that has no limitations. This book is a combination of images that held an experience; unquestionable numinous beauty of sculptures, painting and buildings from ancient sites, as well as modern cities that embedded the spirit of culture and history. I have also added written experiences of people who tasted life in its variety of flavours, and embodied their perspectives in symbols we know as letters, and languages.

download | للتحميل | pdf

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    – الكيفية التي تظهر (لها) * text on Untha
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    – حتى أكون أماً (add a dot at the end of the line).

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