The mind-expanding drug | Al Karak

At times we travel through a land. Other times a land travels through us. 

Sometimes a place is impenetrable, incomprehensible, inexplicable. Sometimes a place opens up like a fly trap, swallowing us all; or like a blooming lotus flower, and we are let in. Sometimes a place cocoons, enveloping us in womb-like softness. Sometimes a place offers many experiences, many insights. At other times, nothing. This is a place I wanted to document, as it cocooned me, embraced me, through it I traveled in my mind. Heading to discover the beauty of “Al Karak” in Jordan. A lot of sights were breathtaking, too much beauty that couldn’t be held in a rectangled frames, but here is a glance of it.

The beauty of solitude, he walks into the vast valley, Along with the creatures whom he loved, companied by nature and space, and hopefully in peace with himself and life.

Goodbye, young friend.

“Tareek Al Mulook” which literally translates into “The road of kings”, it is said that they used to import/export gold back and forth navigating through this valley. Hence, it gained a pretty good name.

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