Who the hell uses a blog?

“Who the hell still uses a blog?” a friend asked me before I started setting up this one, and I wasn’t sure what to answer exactly. 

I haven’t really thought about this buried instinct in me, our love to write things on walls, I have always, throught the years of my life, had a personal blog published somewhere, ever since I was 16 and the internet was still a huge thing! but later on, with social media emerging and everyone from everywhere is on that virtual world, your thoughts are exposed, your diary is open to everyone, and the more people I knew! the less I want to share. This isn’t just a blogging statement, but rather a general personalized statement. So who the hell still uses a blog? Well, I am.


  1. “This is not who you are”

    People always want to simplify the processing of information by putting environmental cues into categories, long story short; you’re labeled with an ID, and most of the times, it isn’t you, it isn’t who you are. Secondly, sometimes in our societies it isn’t safe nor easy being someone that just doesn’t fit in the template, but is my belief that it is also dangerous for one to bury who they really are, a hidden face and a hurried fruit basket. Recently I’ve been trying to break free from the images I’ve been labeled with, not because they aren’t good, on the contrary, very sweet and beautiful, but it’s just not who I am. I’d like to think of this place online as a way to emerge my true self with the self you meet in person.

  2. “Pour yourself out”

    Confide in your diary. Humans have been pouring themselves out in caves, on walls, on paper, on Facebook walls, on personal journals. I am no great writer, but I am going to put myself out there, for no one, for everyone. Maybe maybe maybe, I’ll be a better writer tomorrow, a better thinker, a devoter, encouraged to say it all bluntly, unafraid and unapologetic.

  3. “Conquer the world. Seize the experience”

    Eventually, what’s the point of everything? what’s the point of living if it’s all going to end? everything dissolve in meaninglessness, what’s the purpose of having that cake if we’re going to run out of cake? The purpose is just to enjoy it, Scarcity doesn’t make it any less pleasurable, life is delicious too. I have a belief that with regaining the value of a personal diary, I’ll have a more intentional life, I’ll begin thinking intentionally about who I am, who am I becoming, and whether I like what I see. I’ll develop an eye for more meaningful things, beyond the mundane moments. Hopefully, more well-rounded in your mindset, and simply enjoy blogging about it.

Happy Blogging!

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